Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good Day to you all,
Such a busy year we have had already. I have been doing a lot of traveling the last 3 months. North and South Carolina mostly, and Ohio next week. We have been told that the clinics will be slowing down for the summer so I should be able to keep up with my quilting, my block swaps and my blogging. I can barely keep up with my 83 year old mom. I just got her started sewing blocks together for quilt tops and she is now on her 6th one. I don't even have the first one quilted yet. She keeps me busy cutting out the blocks and pinning them together for her to sew. She sews so fast, I don't have time enough for keeping her in blocks. I'll have to warn my sister in Illinois. Mom is going back home 1 week from today and I will sure miss her. We have spent a lot of time sewing together and listening to the radio all day. we usually end our day with a cup of decaf. It is the little rituals that I will miss the most. I may have to cut blocks and send to her to keep her busy back home. We will have to see how my sister Linda does in keeping her busy.

I am all excited about Quilt Camp in Vermont. I am all set to go at the end of April. My sister, Tammie,lives there is excited about me coming too! I have never been to her home in Vermont and I have never been on a quilt retreat. I get to do both at the same time!

More excitement: After many months on e-bay and other sites I have finally found and purchased a Bernina. A lady on the Quilters Message Board replied to my request to buy one. She has had it put away for 2 years because she said she was just too old to learn all the new stuff about it. It is a Virtuoso 153 and has all the attachments, owners manual and everything. I almost didnt get it because it is in Lafayette Indiana and I couldn't figure out how to get it here to me. I finally talked to my nephew's wife, Emily and she is shipping it to me today! They live about 30 mins away in Noblesville Indiana, How blessed is that? I will probably be gone when it does finally get here, but it will be waiting on me when I return home next friday! OH HAPPY DAY!!

Thats all for today. Back to cutting blocks and packing for Ohio. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

Peace and Prayers