Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Hello happy quilters where ever you are! I have been so busy lately, but I did get the baby quilt finished and mailed to Ohio. My neice likes it and so do I. Now I am finishing up some projects for a school fund raiser. Its not even Billy's school. It is a school on the sounthside near the shop where I work. Did I mention that I have a part time job. I only work 2 or 3 days a week but it does provide me cash to support my quilty pleasures! And I love where I work! It is at a well known fabric shop (and it is not JoAnns) and I feel like I have the world's biggest stash! I spend my time caressing and folding the fabric and planning this quilt and that bag for this person or that one. It is tons of fun! I am known there as the "Material Girl". But I digress, I am making some lap quilts and some baby quilts, quilted bags, etc, etc. I will be at their craft show next month selling my little home made goodies.

I am also in a "fall"mini quilt swap and I have been playing with several designs. So far I need to quilt one, which I will keep, and put together the 2nd one which will go to my partner as soon as I find out who that is. I have just mailed off the 2nd square in my block swap with 2 sisters and 2 friends.

Oh yeah..I do have a sister story to tell! Only because I did promise her this would end up on my blog. My youngest sister (who shall remain nameless and lives in Vermont) sent me a beautiful Maple Leaf block in pale, muted blue and green. Two of my favorite colors. I was soooo impressed with her work! All of the seams were exactly 1/4 inch, they were all pressed in the right direction and the square was as pretty on the back side as it was on the front. I found out she also sent the same pattern block to our sister in Illinois. I was proud to call such a talented quilter my sister! I even bragged on her work on my Facebook page! The night after that she called me and said she had a confession to make. The blocks she sent to us were not made by her! She received them in a round robin and decided to send them to us because they were extras! She thought this was funny! Now to make up for her conniving deception she is sending me 20 more to complete a whole quilt! I guess she had a "quilty consciounce" But I am the winner, I have a whole quilt to put together and she has to make me another block for the swap! Yipee!

OK..enough tonight, I have about 3 lap quilts that need some binding hand hemmed on the back side and a grandson who wants me to play Hangman with peace and prayers till next time.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

I have been away from blogging for awhile. As you all know, work and responsibilities take time away from my quilting life. This little blog is a big-time WIP. I have changed the picture a couple of times now. Granny Gigglewings could not be made into a "clean" image, so I switched to my Pieced Peace Dove. This is the middle square of my oldest quilt. I designed it myself in another lifetime. So we are trying it on for awhile. Maybe I will put up 2 or 3 and let you all vote on which one you like.

I just discovered siggies and I want to do this. They are sweet little signature quilt blocks and I am going to design one that says "ME"! Take a look at this: I am excited about this and am looking forward to making my first ones.

I have finished my grand-nephew's baby blanket. He is not even born yet, hopefully it will arrive in Ohio before he does! So hang in there Patti, it is on the way! It is the first one quilted on my new sewing machine. I am so happy I made this purchase. I can't wait to see how I take to free motion quilting. I can do that with this machine. I am so happy happy!

Today was not a good day when I first got up this morning. But blogging has made me feel better. I am blessed and I am going to make this a great day. 

Peace and Prayers for you too!