Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good morning everyone! Well it is the last day of an amazing year and I am feeling reflective. There has been many changes in my world, much progress and a lot of personal growth. I have made decisions that define who I am and what is important to me. The God I serve is top priority, followed by family and my friends as always. My own personal growth and what I do with my life are next. This coming year I do promise myself to continue on my journey of discovery. I will continue as a GetQuit Ambassador, traveling all over the country to let people know that  they can stop smoking, I will continue to create quilts for family, friends and charity,  I will do a better job on my blog, I will learn something new this year, I will continue to pay it forward, and I will continue to thank God for loving me and blessing me.

If you are reading this I invite you to reflect on your own life. To make a promise to yourself to be the best "you" you can be and to pay it forward. Help those who are walking the same path to do the same. We all have something to give to the world, it is up to us to find out what that something is.

I do wish you peace and prayers on your journey. May you find both when you visit me here.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and thank you for visiting here. It is Christmas eve, again, and I am finally finishing last minute gifts, again. I am sure you all know how that goes. We make promises to ourselves to start in July next year and be done the week before Christmas. And before we even get started we are behind!

I have spent a fair amount of time looking back on this year and I am amazed at what has taken place and how blessed we all are! I am thankful for so much that it is hard to know where to start. I retired from a very stressfull job after 8 years of it, bought a new car, completed an 18 year old quilt, (it was started in 1991), became an after-school care giver for two 6 year olds, quit smoking after 40 years and nine attempts at quitting, became a GetQuit Ambassador for Pfizer Pharmeceuticles (as a motivational speaker to get others to quit), convinced to my 83 year old mom that if she can sew, she can piece quilt tops together,(she did two full size tops this month and loves it), spent her 83 birthday with her, committed to 5 monthly block swaps,started a collection of siggies, and met a whole bunch of  wonderful people in the on-line quilting world. How blessed my life is and how grateful I am to my Lord and Savior for all that is mine because of His love.

So I take a moment out of this day to wish the baby Jesus a Happy Birthday, and to say Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family. May the Good Lord bless and keep you.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Morning...I am still playing around with this site. It is Christmas  time so I will leave this up for the holidays and come back to choosing a new look for the blog after the New year!

I just got back from a trip to Charlotte North Carolina. What a beautiful spot on earth and the people are wonderfully friendly. I spent a week there doing GetQuit clinics and loved every minute of it! Now I am home and busy catching up on blogging and quilting and swapping, etc. You know how it never get caught up! I am just lucky enough to keep up...barely! Mailed off 3 blocks and 2 siggies this morning, them turned right around and signed up for another swap! Farm theme..12 block swap due feb 15th! Wish me luck.

If you are reading this I am hosting a Pay It Forward and need 3 people who would like to receive a little hand made gift from me. They in turn would sign up 3 others and make gifts for them. You have a year to get the gifts made and sent. All you have to do is make a comment here on this blog and copy the PIF logo to yuur site! Easy and fun, and I promise you a cute little something within 30 days!

Ok...gotta make a run to the fabric store to pick up interfacing for a pin-strip suit jacket I am making for my daughter. Have a blessed day!

Peace and prayers to all who enter here

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hello everyone,

I am trying out a new look on this site. Do you like it? Please be honest...I want it to be attractive and feel free to post your true feelings about it! It is kinda quilty..

I just got back from Jacksonville Florida GetQuit clinics. We did a clinic at the Mayport Navy Station and things went great there. Now I have this weekend to rest and quilt and quilt and rest. Its my R&R, then off to Charlotte South Carolina for 5 days. My quilting time has had a big bite taken out of it so some of the Christmas gifts I was planning on making may not get made! But it is for a good cause and getting quit for Christmas would be the greatest gift for a smoker! don't you think? I know I would give up a Christmas gift to get someone to quit smoking!

I am still sending out a challange for all of you quilters: I am inviting you to a Pay It Forward Challange. It works like this: If you would like to participate in a PIF please post a comment here. Hopefully three brave souls will be interested - if more than three express interest I will draw names to determine the winners. The three people chosen will get a small, handmade gift from me within the next year.  They in turn would issue the challange to their quilting friends. If you decide to participate just  post this logo on your blog along with a PIF challage. It is a lot of fun and I hope my quilty friends are up to keeping it out there.

That's it for now...gotta  pack  for tomorrows trip.

Peace and Prayers