Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello Everybody, I guess I am not a "real" blogger. This is not something I have time to do everyday, as I should. It is something I like to do because I have always loved to write. My specialty was poetry and I have some good ones in my portfolio. I have also kept a written history of certain journies in my life. So I do love to write. I think most of what I have produced was inspired. Now my inspirations take me to another genre...quilting!

I have been very busy quilting. I am about to finish my third mini quilt swap. I find them so much fun, but a lot of work and love go into mine and I sorta hate to part with them. The one I am about to finish is a
Winter Mini Quilt and I really am pleased with how it turned out. It does have a winter scene but the house is warm and inviting and the playful snowman is having a ball on the frozen pond! So it will be hard to give up. However, I have been thinking of the secret recepient who will get this little jewel. I went to her blogspot and found out she is a very talented, creative quilter and has 3 little children who I am sure will love this happy, smiling, skating snowman! So, I will bind (and hand quilt some of it) and mail it off to Maine. I am sure it will be loved and given a good home.

I am also making friends on The Quilting We swap blocks and sets and mini quilts, we help each other out with problems and give each other encouragement and support. What more could you ask of a friend. If you have nothing to do, drop by and say howdy, visit awhile and look at some of the things we are doing.

Monday I am off to South Carolina again for more clinics. What we do is so needed out there, so I never say no when they ask me to go. Smoking is an addiction and people need to know that there is help out there. They need to know that they need treatment and support. Thats what we tell them. So, if you, or someone you love is trying to stop smoking talk to your doctor, get treatment and support. It worked for me and can work for you too!

Please rememebr how blessed we are to get to live where we live, do what we do, and be who we are. It all begins with your choice to do the right thing, be the best person you can be and leave God in control of everything else.

Peace and Prayers

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  1. Hi! I got your beautiful butterfly siggy today and thought I'd drop in to check out your blog. Very very nice!!!