Thursday, August 5, 2010

This Quilts Story

Welcome to all who stop by today!. I believe all quilts come with a story. This one is a special story and a special quilt! I have a dear friend who lives in Michigan. We went through grade school and high school together, in my wedding, etc. We lost track of each other, found each other, lost track again, then re-connected on Facebook 2 years ago. We have not seen each other in 47 years. In June on one of my speaking engagements to Michigan she drove 4 hours to stay the week with me. We had a great time catching up, sharing memories, etc. Now, today, she and her husband will be here in San Antonio. For the past 2 weeks I have been working on this quilt for her. She and I decided in June to make each other something special. She crochets and is bringing me a R,W & B throw she made and I promised her a R,W & B quilt. One of the many things we still have in common is that we are both very patriotic and we love our country. So I told her about our forum and the swaps we do. I told her this quilt I made for her had blocks made from all over the country! One more bit of trivia for this quilt. Her youngest daughter is a manager of a large hotel chain and had given her a bunch of beautiful white duvet covers, which she gave to me. I used one of these for the borders, the batting, the backing and the binding for her quilt. It has a certain luscious feel to it that she will love. When she arrived at my house she presented me with a beautiful red, white and blue crochet throw! It is so pretty and so special to me because it just for me! It lies with honor across the foot of my bed! And my friend Connie loved her quilt too. She and her husband, Joe, have now gone back to Michigan. I enjoyed the short time we had together and plan on a visit to her home in the future! I hope you all enjoy this quilt's story. Thanks for stopping by!

Peace and Prayers

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  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! love the quilt you gave and the blanket you received. i am sure both will be well loved