Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Morning...It is almost Thanksgiving and I have rested up from my GetQuit Clinics in Charleston, West Virginia. I am so happy with the results and very moved by the stories people have. I look forward to my next round in December. If you or someone you know is trying to quit smoking please visit Helpful information and my quit story is there. Yours can be too, as soon as you succeed in getting quit! You can do it with treatment and support! Now back to my 2nd passion...quilting:

When I returned home I had a lovely siggie from Helen of Aunt Hennys Blogspot. I also have 2 ready to mail out this afternoon. These little blocks are so much fun to make and to receive. If you want to join in our fun go to . Annelies in the Netherland manages this swap..and has a beautiful siggie herself.

I am currently trying to finish some heavy quilting for Quilts for Kids. It is such a pretty little quilt and I have filled it with love. It requires heavy quilting because it will be given to a child in the hospital and will be washed and dryed  in industrial washers and dryers. If you are into quilting for charity go to They will send you precut fabric for the top and instructions for making it. It is a good thing, and I plan on sending an extra quilt and some gallon plastic bags. I don't believe they ask for too much. God bless them for what they do.

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