Monday, May 3, 2010

Quilt Camp in Vermont

Good day to you all and thanks for visiting  today!

Well, let me tell you this: I just spent 4 days with some of the warmest, friendliest, most generous women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. My sister Tammie invited me to attend the Spring Retreat at Camp Abnaki in Vermont. Camp Abnaki is a YMCA camp for kids. However two times a year it is invaded by quilters! Anywhere from 30-50 members of the Champlain County Quilters Guild of Vermont converge  on the camp for a retreat. This is their 10th retreat and it was such a blessing for me to get  to be there. I met so many beautifully talented and creative quilters who willingly share their vast knowledge of quilting, along with the warmth in their hearts. My sister's friends quickly became my friends too. It is a time to quilt...all day and sometimes all night. A time to come together to to discuss quilting and families, to finish UFOs  (Unfinished Fabric Objects) and to share meals and laughter. It is an opportunity to talk about tips and techniques, news of families, and of course fabric!
The camp is rustic but has all the facilities needed. You had a choice of sleeping arrangements. You could put up a cot and sleep in the big room next to your sewing machine. Or you could sleep in rustic little cabins furnished with bunk beds! The cabins were bare wood floors and walls and no heat. They are equipped with 4 sets of wooden bunk beds. You bring your own sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. It was the best sleep I have had in years!
In the main room everyone picked a spot and set up their own personal tables and sewing machine. Each person brought all the sewing equipment and fabric supplies they needed. We also had ironing stations and cutting stations for everyone to use. Every wall had at least one design wall pinned up and in use! All day and into the late evening you can hear the hum of finely tuned sewing machines along with the talk and laughter of quilters!
There were games played and prized won and of course "show and tell"! Everyone who chose to got to show off what was accomplished at camp this year. One young lady stood out because she is only 18 and has become a very talented and creative quilter. Her name is Sarah and she completed 4 quilt tops in 3 days. (A little side note: At her age it is not hard to pull an all-nighter). She attended with her mother Tammy (with a y) who has taught her well! It was a pleasure meeting both of them.
Two of my new friends, Teela  and Sally, set there all week end and made beautiful kids quilts for charity. Teela found a monster truck panel in her stash and gave it to me to make a quilt for Billy, my grandangel. And Sally found in her stash a very colorful fabric with smiling stars and gave it to me so I could finish his alphabet quilt I had brought with me! It was together and quilted but I had not brought binding with me. Sally to the rescue! I thank both of these warm hearted generous friends. And a special little thanks to Teela for teaching me her neat little trick for mitering corners!

I cannot say enough good things about this experience! It was one of the most joyful and rewarding weekends I have spent in many, many years. I also say a loving thank you to my little sis for inviting me. I had a chance to get to know what a wonderful grown up she has become! She is also very generous with pattern and fabric sharing! My luggage was over stuffed and my heart full of love for her!

I have every intention of returning in Sept for the Fall Retreat! The trees will be wearing their fall colors, the air will be crisp and cool, and I will not be the camp virgin this time! But best of all I will get to visit my new friends again. I will be blessed!

Peace and Prayers

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