Monday, September 14, 2009

I was going to blog every night, but last night got away from me and it was very late before I turned off my machine. I have been planing a quilt for by best friend for Christmas and I found this beautiful Asian Jar material and it just screamed Maria's name. It is so her! I just cannot find the right pattern for it because the print is big! I did put together this Attic Widow sample, on my design board. I kinda like it..Maybe someone out there has an idea....I am so open to suggestions right now. Here is a picture of the pretty print. I have paired it with a warm maroon, a peach and a black. They look lovely together. What do you think?

Peace, Donna


  1. I like it maybe you could (extra fabric) put a couple of applque of Jars on it!

  2. Great idea!I do have a piece left. I am so glad you came by. And thanks for the idea. maybe it will be on a pillow to match the quilt. Yea!