Friday, September 18, 2009

Mail Surprise!

I got a real pleasant surpise in the mail today, well, ok, it wasn't a surprise after I saw the return address. I knew it would be my first square from my friend Patricia in California. The surprise was how she knew the fall colors to choose. Fall is my favorite time of year, well next to winter ( and spring) and Patricia has made me an absolutely beautiful quilt block for our first 12 Month Block Swap! This is going to be a great year for quilts, I am Block Swapping with 2 sisters and 2 friends and we all live in different states. It will be an exciting year for surpises in the mail! And what a great way to start a friendship circle, I met my friend in California at a GetQuit Summitt for people with special stories to tell. I will have "more on that" in another blog. My other new friend is in the military, stationed in Alabama now (Roll, Tide, Roll!). I met her last Soccer season because her daughter was on the same team as my grandson. I have one sister who lives in Vermont and another who lives in Illinois. That rounds out our little swap circle. Unless I can talk a long time childhood friend in Battle Creek Michigan into joining us. "More on that" later too! But today I received this lovely block from my new friend,and she is such a quilter! All the seams look to be exactly 1/4 inch and they are ironed flat and beautiful! This is what I strive for and now my friend has challenged me to be more exact in my own measurements and seams! And I will Patricia, my friend...Thank you!
Peace, missd

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